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just so you know...

The FastPlay option on a Disney DVD is not the way to actually seeing the movie on the disc. It'll run through all the previews that like to start with "FOR THE FIRST TIME ON DVD", and *then* it will go to the actual movie.

Just hit "Main Menu" and move on.

[Existing, and stuff]

Random link for you chemies: Eye-catching elements, but I'm not fond of the marble look, thanks Fark.

What's new lately? It's hot. And we got a new camera. It is cool, and works hard by snapping many pictures of the raptor. The raptor, BTW, likes They Might Be Giants and cats. Good thing most of our friends/relatives have cats, so I don't have to worry about her going into cat withdrawal at home.

I made raisin bread. It tastes awesome warmed and with melted butter, and I think I've gotten the whole "kneading" thing down. Stop laughing.

And I had a dream that had k8 in it last night. I... do not know why. I suspect it was a one of those "hey, let's have a stupid party where people end up talking about stuff and things and hey, sup, girl, yeah, the pizza's down the hall in the other room oh, and watch out for the cats".

Don't worry, everyone else was there, too. I suspect it all boiled down to talking about raiding SSC with 10 DPS and no one else, but then again I was preoccupied with trying to figure out why Ces had vomiting cats.

[Stuff to look out for atm:

Natsume Yuujin-chou || A guy finds out that his grandmother used to beat up spirits and take their names (because she had no human friends), and now he's vowed to give the names back. It's odd, because it's kind of mellow in animation, but the whole "gotta release them all" premise feels like it's some action show.

Slayers Revolution || I haven't seen this, but it's Slayers. Garten mentioned that the character design was dated; lolwut. It's Slayers! And it's nice to see "old-school" character design, since a lot of the recent stuff is starting to look the same. Yeah, I'm olllld.

Macross Frontier || Macross love triangle, music, and mecha fighting. If you're good, you can spot all the nods to the previous series.]

1.6k gold for a Cenarion bird. It's no Wintersaber, but it can fly, and it shows people I obviously didn't care about that 1.6k gold. Though I should've. Treehugging hippie nelves apparently need a bunch of a lot of monies to go hug their trees.

"That's how you know I'm an ME"

"... the first thing I do is make a catapult." - SD

I found this game off Fark. It applies a bit of physics to what you draw. There is a lack of friction, though.

Oh, Happy Epiphany, and Merry New Year's. ^^

awww, fail again.

But I submit for amusement, a not-quite-so-random link. Yeah. I especially like Byakuya's part in it.

sad panda

So in light of my previous failures to make something out of NaNoWriMo the past few years, I'll make things harder for myself by drawing a short in place of writing the damn novel.


Sorry for being so sporadic, but it happens, eh.

Things and stuff!

Raptor's birthday is coming up! Parents coming over! Sister is supposed to give me itinerary so they aren't stuck at the airport! AHEM.

K. Atkinson is getting married, gotta print out the directions, find something to get them.

Shikamaru is still awesome.

We visited dragoni82 and met her coworker, and played with her cats. I made sure to bring my Benadryl. Raptor pulled out the dreaded Signals and Systems book from her bookshelf, and we moaned accordingly. Watched Dr. Strangelove, and played FFXII, finding, after a few hours worth of play/FMVness, that there was a character worth the hour+ of beginning story.

And it was Balthier.

Fran's a close second.

patches365 came over and brought pie. We ate it, and rejoiced in its goodness. She got to see the raptor, and defend her computer from curious fingers. I tried out The Bread Bible's English muffin recipe - mmmmmm. This is Patches' contribution to the Keeping-SD-and-Dash-Amused ... collection-thing. No, she didn't make it, it was just what we watched when she came over.

Playing FFXII prompted us to stop playing Tales of Symphonia for the time being and get the game for ourselves (mind you, not the super-special edition that I almost got for the same price at the mall, but the regular one that we actually got for cheaper because it was used at Gamestop - and still came with the booklet! - who needs a tin DVD case?).

After playing it for a while (10+ hours if I read the save file correctly, though the raptor wouldn't let that be continuous - I don't think *I* would let it be continuous), I figured the music's not as uninteresting as I thought it was the first time I heard it.

But that could just be because I played it for 10+ hours.

The doctor moved his practice to another building, so I gotta look that up, too before I head out for the raptor's well-baby checkup and realize that I'm lost.

We have locks on our kitchen cabinets because the raptor loves to open the doors. And close them. And pull things out whilst making her usual "rrrrr"ing noise that means she's studying something intently. I think. These locks can be frustrating.

For a couple of months, I think, she's been able to move her feet in a walking kind of motion while holding onto someone's hands, and she's been able to pull herself up to standing for a while now. She loves her little stroller (a gift from her grandparents), and a couple weeks of watching her move it forward into an obstacle, and whine about not being able to get unstuck from it, was great entertainment. She now knows how to turn it left.

"All set for NASCAR," says dragoni.

And she can stand on her own for a couple of seconds. Sometimes? We trick her into taking a couple of steps forward by holding something up above her and pulling it back a little. So she can walk, a little. And clap.

And grab the controller, because Mommy and Daddy hold it alot, so it MUST be interesting. Of course it is! It makes the pictures on the box move!

No, hitting pause and turning off the remote controller (it's wireless because we hid the consoles behind glass doors so she wouldn't play with the buttons there) - she knows that trick already. The pictures gotta MOVE.

The Hungry Little Caterpillar is still a favorite.

NaNoWriMo's coming up. =( Maybe I'll be better off just making a short manga story.

Anything else? I'm working on my feral gear, for no other reason but because I can. =\ Cesara asked me if I'm tank spec for good.


for patches, really

Found this on Fark: It says it's in Kalamazoo


Lasagna tomorrow.

At the beginning of the week, dragoni82 reminded me of friendlyHostility (backtracking - she spent Labor Day hanging with us), so.

I finished catching up on the archives tonight. I forgot how cute it was. Rar.

I gotta level my tank faster, or my druid may become a permanent feral tank. Sadness.

Oh, and jylythe? Decorated recipe books? Still thinking up ideas, srsly.

Shikamaru is still awesome.

Not that that has anything to do with this. Pretentious, indeed.


this being nerdy baby ABC flash cards on etsy

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Or something like it.